Garçon a Martini please, Shaken not stirred.
What is more rewarding than after a hard day of work, you indulge in a beautiful cocktail that lifts your mind off worries and replace it with blissfulness. Whereas you are looking for something classic or a little more innovative, Victoria cocktail’s scene has a lot to offer. Here, we can proud ourselves of some hidden gems as bartenders with awards (and style) and the world of mixology meet to perfection to create concoctions that taste like pure liquid gold.

Veneto Tapa Lounge, Victoria BC


Downtown Victoria. One of my favorite. Located inside the Hotel Rialto on one of Victoria’s main streets, Veneto completely put you at ease as soon as you step into its world. A very elegant and high end decor creates a relaxed atmosphere where people sit on soft and cosy banquette-style sofas. Somehow you feel pampered […]

Little Jumbo Bar Restaurant Victoria BC

Little Jumbo

Downtown Victoria. Little Jumbo, another one of my favorite. Stepping in there, is like stepping into a secret place sending you back to when the prohibition was raging and Al Capone was crowned King of the underground world. Do not worry, no one is waiting for you with a “sub-machine” gun after you walk down […]

The Bengal Lounge at Empress Hotel, Victoria BC

The Bengal Lounge

Downtown Victoria. Located in the majestic Empress Hotel, the Bengal Lounge offers an atmosphere of a safari in India in the early 20th century, with its big old style fan in the ceiling, the tiger skin above the grand fireplace and dark wooden panels on the walls. Every table in here is disposed in such […]

Clive's Classic Lounge at Chateau Victoria Hotel


Downtown Victoria. Clive’s Classic Lounge is also located in a hotel, Chateau Victoria, and is a pioneer in Victoria of mixology and high end cocktails bar. It helped develop the trend of mixology and won some prestigious award. It also is the home where Shawn Soole and Nate Caudle first exercised their gift in the […]

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