Who doesn’t like to brunch ? No one ! As the city tumbles and rumbles on friday/saturday night, when the drunken spirits clear the streets it brings a path to a more peaceful, more quiet kind of vibe which awakens the next morning: Brunch. Victoria is no exception to the rule, and I would add that here brunch has become a somewhat of a necessity, an obligation to treat yourself in decadent eggs benny or delicious fluffy french toast. Victoria has definitely everything of a big city when it comes to its trendy spots where friends regroup and share their stories of the previous nights; or just enjoy each others company while sharing a huge satisfying after party meal. My favorite places – and not just mine as you usually have to queue so brace yourselves (it’s worth it).

Oh and all these places are serving brunch 7 days a week (isn’t that fantastic?), not like brunch joints in Vancouver where, apparently, if it is not saturday or sunday, then it is not brunch (I am putting it out there Vancouver, do you copy? More brunch times please)…

If you decide to please your lovely significant other, and set your mind on a more continental breakfast in bed type of things, then you would want to (or have to) go get some Croissants and Pains au Chocolat at the French Oven situated in the Public Market. Superbe Bakery that truly bakes fantastic viennoiserie, even better than in some boulangerie in France!

Blue Fox Café, Victoria BC

Blue Fox Café

Downtown Victoria. Probably the most famous and the oldest trendy spot of Victoria BC – well worth it – more on the “classic” side of breakfast. Blue Fox Café is situated downtown on “fabulous Fort”, where it use to be antiques store and such, you line up on saturdays and sundays mornings to enjoy classic […]

Jam Café, Victoria BC

Jam Café

Downtown Victoria. Another one of my favorites, a little newer, very trendy with a cosy atmosphere, a feel of being at a farm table on a sunday morning with its empty bottle of milk and wood window panels, giving it a rustic look. The menu is a little more exploratory and less classic, for some […]

Mo:lé café, Victoria BC


Downtown Victoria. Another fabulous breakfast place. The Mo’s Biscuit is the dish to go to. First of all because it is called Mo:Lé and the dish is the Mo’s Biscuit (see where I am going?) and second because it’s absolutely fabulous, a revisitation of the eggs benny. The scrambled eggs with cheese, basil compliment the […]

A fruit plate at Cora, Victoria BC


Downtown Victoria. Definitely not as high standard as the previous places but if you are really hungover and haven’t ate for 3 days, and/or not too fussy about the quality of your food, then it’s great and will satisfy you. Cora’s menu is 3 feet long so there is definitely something that will catch your […]

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