Hotels, the lavish world of luxury; the cocooning and pampering that emerged from the staff at your disposal, wanting to make your trip unforgettable; the intimacy of a luxurious hotel room where a king size bed becomes the most prized possession for a night. Great hotels should make you feel like a home away from home, but even better. Better because you do not need to worry about cleaning up (don’t be a pig either), and all the chores that makes everyday life are lifted for a short moment of pure serendipity.

Artwork by Janice Wagner

Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa

Brentwood Bay Resort

Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island. Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa is probably my favorite hotel on Vancouver Island. Located a 25 min. drive from Victoria, in Brentwood Bay, this boutique hotel is surrounded by dense trees and an inlet creating a perfect intimate atmosphere. All the rooms are overlooking the bay – you cannot have a […]

Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Oak Bay, Vancouver Island. Another one of my favorites. Very luxurious, very imposant style. Recently renovated, the Oak Bay Beach Hotel is situated in Oak Bay (a few minutes by car from downtown); it is a prime waterfront location and is pure luxury. A bar, a restaurant, a cafĂ© and a big fireplace set the […]

The Empress

Downtown Victoria. The most popular landmark in Victoria. The Empress is located in front of the inner harbour, this iconic symbol was built in the beginning of the 20th century and was classified as a national historic site of canada. Most of the rooms here are facing the inner harbour, there is 4 dining facilities […]

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