Sur le Pouce… Lunch is considered as the most important meal of the day, and yet so many people don’t have the time to properly sit down and enjoy a well rested meal; life gets busy and your lunch time is short so you need to go go go. If you are exploring the city and made a reservations tonight for a fancy restaurant, you still need to feed your body with energy so you can walk the town and enjoy its wonders. Here are my recommendations for busy people with elegant taste.

“Ladies who Lunch Cafe Date” — Artwork by Brandon Cross.

Pig BBQ Joint

Downtown Victoria. As it might given you clues in the name here, there is pig meat.. Aka Pork… Pulled Pork to be precise… Located in the astonishing Atrium building, an architectural prowess of glass with a west coast feel, Pig has probably the best pulled pork sandwich out there, very famous amongst local and even […]

Hanks Untraditional BBQ

Downtown Victoria. An untraditional BBQ for an untraditional place. Situated right on Douglas, this spot is literally a corridor, but it is a beautiful one! A big wooden counter welcomes you and you sit right opposite from the chef. The food is delicious and interesting as it is not your regular bbq. Just try a […]

Foo Asian Street Food

Downtown Victoria. Another small corner food joint. From the outside, it doesn’t look that great as it seems like a cubicle that was dumped there. From the inside, the decor is pretty trendy with a west coast feel and it smells delicious. It always smell delicious. Local loves that place as well. As for the […]

Foo Ramen Noodle Bar

Downtown Victoria. The japanese version of its sister. A Ramen Bar, great when you love ramen. The food is of good quality and it is definitely worth a try. The pork ramen with confit pork belly where delicious, but bear in mind that pork belly is pretty greasy and there is a lot of fat […]


Downtown Victoria. Pretty new, it was created as the fusion of Fish (a smoked salmon shop) and Red Fish Blue Fish (the renowned fish and chips place in the harbour) to bring to Victoria the trend that went crazy in France : the Tartine (maybe that’s why I like it, because it brings me a […]

Chorizo & Co.

Downtown Victoria. After the French tartine, come indulge in a little Bocadillo, a spanish sandwich. Every bite makes you feel the sun on your face and warmth your body. Spain has a lot to offer in terms of culinary experiences and Chorizo definitely defend its color with honour. The atmosphere is simple and rustic. Opening […]


Downtown Victoria. Probably the best Taco place on Earth! I know some people are like *shrug shoulders* and these people are crazy ! It started off as a food truck in Tofino (hence the name), it became my safe heaven right downtown victoria. The place is quite weird actually with these small white bathroom tiles […]

La Taquisa

Downtown Victoria. You go there for the big fat burrito that they perfected after the years. The real mexican taste of beans, rice, salsa and my favourite order is “El gordo” with pork chorizo AND chicken Tinga. It is so massive that you better not plan any activity afterwards because you’ll be in a very […]

The Mint

Downtown Victoria. Established place amongst locals, the mint for lunch is the little store on the main ground (underground is the restaurant). They do curry wraps and curry bowls and they do them well.

Victoria Public Market

Victoria Public Market

Downtown Victoria. The Victoria Public Market @ the Hudson is the home of several deli shops that serve lunch. The building is brand new and host farmer’s market and all great ideas. Inside it you can find a butcher, a Cheese store (absolutely delicious), a fish shop, a bakery, a grocery shop and several lunch […]

Noodle Box

Downtown Victoria. I could not not mention it because depict the fact that it is a chain, it’s pretty darn good. Asian classics with an elegant twist. It’s not famous for nothing! My favorites are the spicy peanut and the teriyaki noodles, but careful, when you are not a pro of spices even the mild […]

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